Youth Connects


Youth Connects is a national programme developed to upskill and develop young leaders in the community through interactive workshops, training, and practical placements.

This North West based program is a Youth focused series of modules aimed at highlighting all the aspects of club life, providing real life examples of the work of club volunteers in clubs. This program will focus on delivering skills to  enable youth to become fully active members in any Cricket Club. Modules below:


  • Leadership
  • Green Clubs
  • Umpiring & Scoring
  • Activator training
  • Women’s International Tri-Series entry


2022 Example

Session 1         21st July           10-3pm     Newbuildings CC 

10 – 11am    Green Clubs Session 1

11.20 – 12.20   Leadership & Committee training

12.30-1.30pm   Introduction to Scoring

1.45 – 2.45pm   Cricket Activator Session 1 


‘Green’ Public Transport to Bready for the Ireland v Pakistan Womens International, 4pm @ Bready


Session 2         22nd July          10-3pm     Newbuildings CC

10 – 11am    Green Clubs Session 2

11.30 – 12.30   Club & Session safety & planning

1-2pm   Introduction to Umpiring

2.15 – 3pm   Cricket Activator Session 2 


Registration open for youth aged 12 – 18


Register Here: Youth Connects Registration 


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