Youth Connects


Youth Connects is a national programme developed to harness the abilities, enthusiasm and ideas of youth in your club. It aims to upskill and develop young leaders through interactive workshops, training, and practical placements.

The North West has further developed this initiative with support of local councils, Sport NI and Youth Action. This initiative is designed to provide experience on the decisions and working of cricket and clubs behind the scenes. It is hoped that these youth committees are fully functional, decision making groups that assist in providing direction to the Union and/or the Clubs they are an important part of.  


Youth Connected Committees 


A Youth focused program aimed at highlighting and creating youth led committees focusing on a specific the aspect of club life. This program will focus on delivering skills to enable youth to become fully active members in any Cricket Club & be integral parts of the decision making process’. (Approximate ages of 12-22 but not exclusive to these ages)



Step 1

Register an interest in creating either:

  • A Club Youth Committee
  • Become Part of a North West Regional Youth Committee

if you or your club is interested in either of the above please email Receive Online Introductory Meeting with Committee & Leadership Training.

*Either committee approximate commitment is monthly meeting either online or at a location agreed by the youth committee*


Step 2

Club Youth Committees: Select committee focus based on a specific aspect and requirements of your club life:

Young ‘think tank’ shaping the future of the game

  • Cricket Sustainability
  • Club Sustainability
  • Green Club
  • Other


Step 3

Arrange periodic meetings

  • present agreed actions to the general committee

Request NWCU assistance or workshops from the below resources:

  • Cricket Connects
    • Sports Leadership
    • Leadership
    • Activator Training
    • Multicultural Awareness
    • Umpiring & Scoring Training
    • Safeguarding
    • Sports Inclusion & Disability Awareness
    • Coaching Resource Workshops

      Young coaches actively growing the game


  • Sport NI Supported Workshops
    • Creating Great Children’s Sport Environments
    • Child Centred Coaching
    • Children’s Coaching Concepts
    • Positive Engagement With Parents
    • How to Attract & Retain Club Members
    • Supporting Your Clubs ‘Sport Makers’
    • Simple Steps to Create A Club Development Plan
    • Developing a Club & Team Culture



Further Information: