Club Roles Overview 

  Role Overview
Managing Chairperson


The Chair is the position that is at the helm of the club and drives the future direction.


Club Secretary 


The Club Secretary is the central point of club administration, handling all club correspondence.




The Treasurer is a key role with responsibility for managing the club’s accounts and finances.


Committee Member The role of a Committee member is to oversee the running of the club, communicate with & support its members. Taking a lead on a specific area of club development and assist to recruit, retain and reward other club volunteers.

(Examples of where committee members can lead: Fundraising, Marketing, Cricket, Social Media, Player co-ordinator, etc)


Safeguarding Children’s Officer


The children’s officer will make sure club policies and procedures are put in place to safeguard club members, staff, volunteers & children.
Designated Liaison Officer The designated liaison person is to act as a liaison person with outside agencies & a resource person to any staff member or volunteer who has child safeguarding or welfare concerns.


Playing Director of Cricket A director of Cricket will administer cricket on behalf of the captains to plan & implement a fully inclusive, annual (indoor/outdoor), player centred coaching program which is appropriate for the needs of the club.


Club Captain(s) A club captain will be the link between the club management, Director and the players. They will assist in identifying the clubs ‘brand’ of cricket & identify the activities/infrastructure required to ensure players are appropriately prepared.


Player/Youth Co-Ordinator The player & youth co-ordinator will organise activities and fixtures for players & young people to get involved in. They will monitor playing levels and ensure there are enough activities to keep players involved.


Coaching Co-Ordinator The coaching co-ordinator will work alongside the club captain(s) to ensure that appropriate levels of coaching exist at the club for all players. They will identify coach recruitment, development & reward opportunities to ensure coaches are appropriately resourced.


Player Coach/Coach

(One Per adult team)

The player coach/coach role will set up or delegate training sessions & activities for their team based on the clubs ‘brand’ of cricket. This role is not the captain & will assist in the development of the younger developing players within their team.


Youth Coach/Facilitator The youth coaches/facilitators will be available to organise and deliver enjoyable and inclusive coaching sessions for the club’s youth. They will promote all activities to the local community including the parents of the kids currently involved.

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