Role Descriptions


Below are the links to the role descriptions of the volunteers involved in each environment: Please note these are not exhaustive and simply provide some direction into the way each role could be actioned. Each role take 1-2 hours per week makes volunteering at your club much less labour intensive and a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience to be involved in.


Governing the Club 

  • Chairperson                                                               (Role Description)
  • Children’s Officer                                                       (Role Description)
  • Committee Members                                                 (Role Description)
  • Director of Cricket/ Cricket Committee                    (Role Description)
  • Secretary                                                                   (Role Description)
  • Treasurer                                                                   (Role Description)
  • Volunteer Co-Ordinator                                            (Role Description)


Developing the Game

  • Captains                                                                     (Role Description)
  • Coach/Player Coach                                                  (Role Description)
  • Coach Co-Ordinator                                                    (Role Description)
  • Player/Youth Co-Ordinator                                       (Role Description)
  • Youth coaches/Facilitators                                       (Role Description)
  • Cricket Professional/Development Officer                (Role Description)


**Clubs exploring what the specific role for their own ‘Cricket Development Officer’ may undertake, the role is likely to be a combination or the above roles, depending on the individual needs of each club**.