Primary School Activity Calendar

Primary Schools Activity Calendar


October – December: 6 weeks coaching

  • Focus Groups: P6 & 7
  • Up to 1.5 hours per week per school
  • ProvideParticipant Details


October – January: Teacher Match Management & Umpiring Basics

  • Focus Group: P6 & 7 teachers & PE Co-ordinator (Minimum 1 participant per ‘house’ team)
  • 1.5 Hour course
  • Certificate Provided


February – March: Indoor/Playground ‘House’ Cricket League

  • Focus: Play & learn ‘competitive’ cricket in the school setting
  • Register team names & Players with NWCU (current school ‘house’ names or other)
  • Identify any kit shortages & report to NWCU
  • Share match times with NWCU to avail of ‘drop in’ assistance where possible
  • Play an ‘in school’ competition in the school yard or hall
  • Favourable weather in the playground, wet weather in the hall
  • Prizes for winning school ‘house’ team
  • Potential for House winners finals day @ Foyle Arena


April – May: Kwik Cricket Festival @ Clubs

  • Focus: Play & Get involved in cricket in the local club setting
  • Schools to liaise with NWCU & local clubs to avail of local club coaching resources
  • Attend local club Kwik Cricket festivals (1 or more)


April – May: Mini League Cricket (3-4 neighbouring schools in a group @ 3.15 – 4.30pm)

  • Focus: Play & compete v other neighbouring schools
  • Play a version of cricket competitively that suits the environment and the players involved (ranging from hard ball to kwik cricket)
  • Ideal Weather: Play at local club ground, Favourable weather: Play in the playground, Wet weather: Play in the hall


June: Finals Days

  • Focus: Experience a ‘higher’ level of competition
  • Kwik Cricket: NWCU/NI Finals Day


Overall Commitment Up to 17 hours in your own school

Expected 7 hours out of school

–          4 hour kwik cricket festival

–          3/4 hour after school cricket



Theme NWCU Delivery Target School Commitment Notes
Coaching October – December 6 x 1.5 Hours


Delivered @ School


Teacher Training October – January 1 x Course (1.5h)


Delivered after school


In school ‘house’ competitions & Finals Day


February – March 3-4 Matches (1h match)


+ finals day for qualifying team

Delivered @ School

Finals Day @ Local central location


Kwik Cricket Festival(s) April – May 10am – 2pm


Delivered @ Local Club


Mini League Cricket


April – June 3-4 Matches (1h match)


@ School/local club (Home)

@ neighbouring school/club (Away)

Finals Day


June NWCU/NI Kwik Cricket Finals Day (1-2 days in June) Optional



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