Jonathan Robinson

  • Born (age)
  • LocationBrigade
  • Squad Number96
  • Debut date

Most memorable cricketing moment?

Seeing Fox Lodge chase 178 at Lisburn from 90-9 Michael Walker scoring 82* off not very many and Taking 7 for 17 v Eglinton.

What other sports are you good at?

Play a bit of rugby in the winter months

Who is your hero?

Shane Warne

Who is the best player you’ve played with/Against?

With: Gordan Muchall
Against: Kamran Akmal

What advice can you give our under 11/13/15 on how to be as good as you?

Practice with purpose.

Whats the best bit of advice you’ve been given?

Train hard, play easy.

What do you do when you are not at cricket?

Relax by watching TV or playing a bit of snooker or darts.

If a movie was made about you which actor would you pick to play you?

John Goodman

Do you have any superstitions when playing?

Don’t let it hit your pad.

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