Operating Calendar



Club Operating CalendarĀ 


This is a club guidance resource which will assist clubs in becoming sustainable and or progressing over the coming years. This club operating calendar is not exhaustive but highlights key themes which may assist with club development. Successful implementation of these tasks and timings will greatly assist in ensuring the club is ready for the upcoming season & continuously prepared to recruit, retain and upskill volunteers and participants.


TimescaleĀ  TasksĀ  Strategic Fit
September to February Register teams with NWCU for upcoming season

Agree club development plan

Audit club volunteers

Identify volunteering gaps & recruit

Assign club roles

Train, support and vet volunteers

Readying club for busy season
February to March Register players with NWCU for upcoming season

Begin or continue pre-season playing preparations

Begin underage pre-season club training

Assist schools with playing modified matches (see ‘schools’ section)

Assist schools with coaching expertise (where possible)

Creating partnerships & increasing participation
April to June

Assist schools to play matches & host games where possible

Deliver an informative ‘club presentation’ to feeder schools

Deliver a ‘Smash it’ cricket program

Involve parents through invites and appropriate activities

Organise, play and enjoy cricket

Generating more volunteers and participants
July to August Organise, play and enjoy more cricket

Organise family fun days/events/tournaments

Deliver a summer coaching program (series)

Deliver a summer scheme (a week or so)

Deliver something with another organisation (community group)

Creating a family friendly, fun welcoming environment