Specsavers Junior Club Blitz Days

Ardmore To Host Blitz Day on 3rd June

As you will have no doubt heard about when we launched the junior fixtures, the North West, in partnership with Specsavers will be running a number of Under 11 and under 13 blitz days in 2018.

The blitz days are aimed at giving as many people in your clubs the opportunity to play matches as possible. They are in direct response to a number of clubs, parents and players raising the concerns that there are not enough opportunities for players, many who have only taken up the sport from our school’s programs, to play our sport.

At present, players, who have been introduced at primary school or secondary school through softball games, often find it a big step up to attend a club and have to play hardball cricket. Likewise, many clubs have more than enough players for one team but cannot provide them match time as its a big step up to play hardball, or they just don’t have enough games to give everyone a go.

The format of the Blitz day will be to run four pitches on the outfield of each venue, enabling us to run two under 13 and two under 11 games at one time.


The under 11 format will be

  • 6/8 a side pairs cricket
  • 2/3 overs per pair
  • Kwick cricket/tennis ball
  • 16 yard pitches
  • Bowlers can only bowl Max 2/3 overs per game

The Under 13 format will be

  • 6/8 a side pairs Cricket
  • 2/3 overs per pair
  • incredi ball/Aero ball
  • 18 Yard Pitches
  • Bowlers can only bowl Max 2/3 over per game


The venues and dates of the Blitz are as follows


20th May – Bready Cricket Club

3rd June – Ardmore Cricket Club

17th June – Strabane Cricket Club

1st July – Coleraine Cricket Club

We are arranging Blitzs for July and August, more information will appear here soon.

The blitzs are a fun day out to give players an opportunity to play and enjoy cricket. Therefore no results will be kept, although games will be scored.

On each blitz day, there will be bouncy castles, cricket factory, speed gun challenges and catching challenges, with prizes for each age group…..and parents!

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