Online course for new North West umpires

The North West Umpires & Scorers Association are looking for new members to come forward and help the association.


In partnership with the NWCU, an adapted version of the Stage 1 and 2 Course will be held online via Zoom during the spring and an expression of interest would be welcomed.

The course will be designed to give candidates an overview of the basic Laws of the game and how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management.

With the launch of the new North West league structures, it is hoped that the Zoom sessions will give people the tools to enable them to umpire matches across the various competition formats.

The association would welcome new members and are desperate for more people to take up umpiring, both men and women are very welcome.


North West and International Umpire Roly Black explained the new course:

“During these unprecedented times people may have a different outlook and perspective on life when things start to get back to normal. With the current lockdown in place why not pass some time without having to leave the comfort of your own home, learning about the laws and how to apply them.

The sessions will be put across in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. You might even look forward to the odd Saturday afternoon in the summer umpiring a few matches along the way.

In recent years players like Gary Neely, Stephen Dunn, Mark Simpson and Stephen Kennedy have put their hands up completed the course and umpired a few games each season which has been greatly appreciated.

If someone new can give of their time to umpire 6 or 7 games in a season, then it will make a difference. Have a think about getting involved and taking charge of a few matches. Those who do, find it a very rewarding experience and the umpires association will give them all the help we possibly can to get going.

There are far more positives to umpiring than negatives and we are keen for more people to give it a go and get involved, it is the best seat in the house to watch.

Everyone in our clubs will have a friend, associate or former teammate who could take charge of a few matches, and we just need those people to be given a nudge in the right direction.”


For further information about registering for the course, or getting involved please complete the form below or contact:

Register express of interest here

Dermot Ward mobile – 07871533449

Davy Caldwell mobile -07708253884

Roly Black mobile – 07518779991

Brian Allen (North West Cricket Union) emailĀ


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