NWCU Statement on matches in Republic of Ireland

In light on this afternoon’s announcement by the Irish Government, NWCU can confirm that all club matches in Donegal (including Men’s, Women’s, Youth and Midweek T10 etc) must be played behind closed doors, without any spectators in attendance.


For the avoidance of doubt, the only people who should be present at matches are those personnel who are directly involved in the safe playing of matches.  This includes:

  1. The 12 players from each side
  2. Coaching and Team Management Personnel
  3. Two umpires
  4. Two scorers
  5. Any staff or volunteers associated with the running of the venue/facility (including groundstaff and any Club Covid personnel)
  6. NWCU Covid Officer and personnel (where relevant)


These restrictions will apply until 13th September at the earliest, but any changes in the above will be made according to Government guidelines.


The NWCU wishes to thanks Clubs in advance for their support in observing the above, and we remain committed to doing everything necessary to protect cricket clubs and our community.


Please note there are no changes to matches being played in Northern Ireland and current restrictions remain as is.


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