NWCU present final proposals

The NWCU has written to its clubs this weekend to present the final draft of their restructuring proposals which they hope to introduce at the start of next season.


The document has been ‘tweaked’ following on from Zoom meetings held with club reps in the past week. Those tweaks include things like replay dates for the 40-over tournament. The final draft allows for a replay which will be scheduled for 8 days after the affected fixture- i.e the Sunday of the following week.


The new ‘player points system’, designed to support clubs developing youth players and homegrown talent, has also been amended. These include allowing players who came up through the youth ranks at clubs to return there and still only count as one point.


Irish qualified players coming into the North West from other Unions will count as 2 points while players who have played for North West clubs in recent years and moved outside the Union can return to any club here and still only count as one point.


The NW have made the amendments on the back of those discussions with club delegates and insist that it was always their intention to have the restructuring driven by its clubs.


Each club is now being given the opportunity to vote on five separate proposals as follows-


  1. Youth Cricket proposals
  2. Women’s and girls programme
  3. Senior adult cricket
  4. Intermediate cricket
  5. Player points system


Voting will open immediately and close next Friday, 20 November at 10am.


The categories are independent of each other and each one will require a two-thirds majority to go through. The Union will issue a further statement shortly after the results have been collated.


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