NWCU launches U15 ‘The Hundred’!

The NWCU have launched a new U15 ‘The Hundred’ competition starting this week.


Following on from a successful U13 World Cup, this new pilot competition for U15 Boys will provide plenty of matches over the 3 days. The matches will be based on the rules of ‘The Hundred’ with 100 balls per side and 5 ball overs. The games will be played across our host venues, Glendermott CC and Brigade.


There are 5 teams entered:

Bready Rams (Bready CC)

Brigade Red Devils (Brigade CC)

Clooney Crashers (Killyclooney and Glendermott CC)

Newbuildings Spirit (Newbuildings CC)

MCC Invincibles (Mini Clubs Combined)


The Hundred fixtures are:

Date Venue Time Match
23 Aug Glendermott 10:30 am Clooney Crashers v Brigade Red Devils
Brigade 10:30am Newbuildings Spirit v MCC Invincibles
Glendermott 2:00pm Clooney Crashers v Bready Rams
Brigade 2:00pm MCC Invincibles v Brigade Red Devils
24 Aug Glendermott 10:30 am Newbuildings Spirit v Bready Rams
Brigade 10:30am MCC Invincibles v Clooney Crashers
Glendermott 2:00pm Clooney Crashers v Newbuidlings Spirit
Brigade 2:00pm Brigade Red Devils v Bready Rams
25 Aug Glendermott 10:30 am Bready Rams v MCC Invincibles
Brigade 10:30am Newbuildings Spirit v Brigade Red Devils
Glendermott 2:00pm Final
Brigade 2:00pm Plate



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