NWCU launches new kids programmes

The NWCU have announced the launch of two new Cricket Ireland kids programmes available to participating clubs this summer and the re-start of our Primary Schools Initiative.


NWCU will be delivering and supporting North West clubs on both of the new national programmes launched by Cricket Ireland: Smash It and It’s Wicket. NWCU staff and coaches have also this week been able to re-start the NWCU Primary Schools Initiative, following the easing of Covid Regulations.



NWCU General Manager, Peter McCartney, outlined the new programmes:

“All three programmes are designed to introduce kids to cricket and ultimately increase the playing numbers in our clubs. We will be supporting clubs as much as possible to help strengthen the game at the grassroots and these programmes are a brilliant starting point. 

We first launched Smash It in the North West in 2019 with great success and we are delighted to see it being rolled out nationally by Cricket Ireland. It’s Wicket is something new for us but it will really compliment the existing work we are doing with clubs to increase female participation. It’s very encouraging to see the investment by Cricket Ireland into both of these programmes and we would encourage our clubs to sign up for the information sessions next week. 

Our schools work is now back up and running again after Covid restrictions were lifted and we are working hard to develop strong school to club links in our game. It’s been over a year since we have been able to get into schools but there has been excellent support from clubs and schools to re-start this programme again.” 


Programme #1: Smash It

  • For boys and girls aged 5-9 years
  • ‘Smash It’ is all about kids being active, making friends and having fun. It is delivered over 6 – 8 sessions by Club Activators who will receive training, resources and programme clothing.
  • As part of their registration fee, participants of the programme will receive a ‘Smash It’ t-shirt, backpack, bat and ball
  • NWCU Programme Lead: Brian Allen


Programme #2: It’s Wicket!

  • For girls aged 9-13 years
  • ‘It’s Wicket!’ is for girls who want to be part of an inclusive community, have fun and feel empowered by playing sport. The programme introduces girls to cricket through skill-based activities and games and encourages girls to own their cricketing experience. It’s Wicket! is made up of 6 flexible sessions that Clubs can run in a format that best suits with Activator training, resources and gear and full Club Kit provided.
  • As part of their registration fee, participants will receive an It’s Wicket! t-shirt, backpack, bat and ball.
  • NWCU Programme Lead: Kathryn Rough


Programme #3: NWCU Primary Schools 

  • Primary school visits by NWCU staff/coaches to introduce cricket to primary schools kids
  • Designed to create sustainable school to club links
  • Hard and softball primary school competitions
  • NWCU Programme Lead: David Scanlon


Clubs are encouraged to sign up for the Cricket Ireland information webinars on the 19th or 26th April to find out more and register their club to take part! Click on the link below:



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