NWCU and NW Umpires Association joint statement on disciplinary matters

This week representatives from the NWCU, NW Umpires & Scorers Association and the Disciplinary Committee have held positive talks regarding umpire support, player behaviour and the disciplinary process.


As part of these discussions a review of the disciplinary process has started with a focus on 5 main areas:

  1.        Committee Restructure and Make-up
  2.        Terms of Reference
  3.        Reporting procedures
  4.        Disciplinary Hearings
  5.        Sanctions and Appeals


This review will be completed prior to the next AGM and in advance of the 2022 season. For the remainder of the 2021 season, clubs are reminded of the need for players and spectators to follow the Spirit of Cricket guidelines. Abuse of officials, players and spectators is not acceptable in any form the game and the NWCU, NW Umpires Association and Disciplinary Committee will be adopting a zero tolerance policy on any forms of abuse.


Union Chairman, Brian Dougherty, welcomed the progress this week:

“After the unfortunate events of last weekend I welcomed the subsequent constructive discussions with the NW Umpires and Scorers Association and the Disciplinary committee. It is important again to acknowledge that the voluntary disciplinary committee have a very difficult task and we should never get away from the fact that ultimate responsibility for discipline within our game lies with the players and clubs. With this agreed review I am confident that going forward we will have a more effective, transparent and fairer disciplinary process. I thank the parties involved for their progressive co-operation and look forward to a sporting and respectful end to this season.”

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