NW Club scoring App to launch this weekend

The new App for online scoring should now be available to all clubs and the NWCU is asking club scorers to use the new system from this weekend so that we can try to improve the score submission process.

We have put together a quick step-by-step guide on getting the scoring app up and running and you should be able to access the guide here:

Online Scoring 21 | North West Cricket Union

One of the biggest benefits of the online scoring is that this app can also be used for everyone to access live scores. This is a wider userbase and is open to anyone who wants to monitor NWCU scores, league tables and stats. The step by step guide can be found here:

Club Scores APP 21 | North West Cricket Union

Union Administrator David Bradley will be available to assist clubs get started using the App or to show how to upload scores to the website. We would ask clubs to please use the App for all your club cricket, which will then make the whole process much easier to manage.


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