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North West Womens Fixtures 2018

North West Cricket Union – WOMEN’S LEAGUE FIXTURES

The North West Cricket Unions Women’s Fixtures are below. All fixtures and results can be found on the new North West Cricket App, which can be found here

7th May

Eglinton V Fox Lodge

Newbuildings V Strabane

14th May

Killyclooney V Newbuildings

Eglinton v Burndennett

Strabane v Bready

21st May

Eglinton v Killyclooney

Strabane v Burndennett

Fox Lodge v Bready

28th May

Newbuildings v Eglinton

Burndennett v Bready

Fox Lodge v Strabane

11th June

Bready v Newbuildings

Strabane v Eglinton

Killyclooney v Fox Lodge

18th June

Bready v Eglinton

Newbuildings v Fox Lodge

Burndennett v Killyclooney

2nd July

Burndennett v Newbuildings

Bready v Killyclooney

9th July

Fox Lodge v Burndennett

Killyclooney v Strabane



4th June

Burndennett v Bready

Strabane v Killyclooney

Newbuildings v Fox Lodge

25th June

4 v 2

3 v Eglinton

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