North West Super League Fixtures Announced

Following on from the completion of the Long’s SuperValu group stages at the weekend, next Saturday sees the start of the Super League competitions for the Premier and Championship divisions. The top-flight will feature the top four finishers in each of the two earlier groups with the other seven teams competing for the Championship trophy.

From here on, teams will only play against sides that they haven’t already met in the previous round- for example, Donemana have already played Newbuildings, Eglinton and Coleraine in the first phase so their four remaining matches will be against Ardmore, Brigade, Bready and Fox Lodge.

Points already won against opponents in the same league will be carried over- so again as an example, Donemana secured a total of 46 points from those matches against Newbuildings, Eglinton and Coleraine so they will start on that number. All teams will now have a maximum of 100 additional points to play for in their remaining games.

The same process applies to the Championship split although with only seven teams involved there, the number of games remaining can differ. Strabane, St Johnston, Bonds Glen and Glendermott all played in the 8-team group first up so they now have only three games each left while the rest of the sides have four. Again, points already won against opponents in the group will carry over.

Although not yet confirmed, the current points tally in the two sections are-


PREMIER                      CHAMPIONSHIP

Bready 68                     Bonds Glen 54

Ardmore 50                   Burndennett 49

Newbuildings 50            St Johnston 46

Eglinton 47                   Strabane 27

Donemana 46               Ballyspallen 24

Fox Lodge 31                Glendermott 23

Coleraine 7                   Killyclooney 2

Brigade 4


Super League games will start this Saturday (31 July) and finish on 15 August when league winners will be confirmed. A knockout competition in each group (draw dependent on finishing positions, i.e. 1v 8, 2v 7 etc.) will then conclude the season.

Long’s SuperValu Super-league fixtures-



Sat 31st July

Donemana v Ardmore

Fox Lodge v Eglinton

Bready v Coleraine

Brigade v Newbuildings

Sat 7th August

Donemana v Brigade

Eglinton v Ardmore

Coleraine v Fox Lodge

Newbuildings v Bready

Sun 8th August

Brigade v Eglinton

Sat 14th August

Ardmore v Newbuildings

Coleraine v Brigade

Fox Lodge v Donemana

Eglinton v Bready

Sun 15th August

Ardmore v Coleraine

Bready v Donemana

Newbuildings v Fox Lodge


Sat 31st July

Strabane v Ballyspallen

Killyclooney v St Johnston

Burndennett v Glendermott

Sat 7th August

Glendermott v Killyclooney

St Johnston v Ballyspallen

Bonds Glen v Burndennett

Sat 14th August

Killyclooney v Strabane

St Johnston v Burndennett

Ballyspallen v Bonds Glen

Sun 15th August

Ballyspallen v Glendermott

Bonds Glen v Killyclooney

Strabane v Burndennett



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