North West ‘Hundred’ starts on Wednesday

The ever-popular ‘Hundred’ competition gets underway in the North West on Wednesday morning with eight under-15 sides competing across four venues and over three days.

Current holders, Newbuildings Spirit, will again take their place in the line-up and the Union is delighted to welcome back a team from the Isle of Man after their under-13 side attended the earlier World Cup tournament.

The other combatants are Bready’s Mason Rockets, Brigade Red Devils, Ardmore Avengers, Bonds Glen Bears, Donemana Giants and Eglinton Eagles.

There will be two matches at each venue, each day, starting at 10.30 am and the full list of fixtures and venues can be found below-

Ground Time Team Team
Wednesday Bready 10:30 AM Mason Rockets v Eglinton Eagles
2:00 PM Mason Rockets v Brigade Red Devils
Newbuildings 10:30 AM Newbuildings Spirit v Brigade Red Devils
2:00 PM Newbuildings Spirit v Eglinton Eagles
Donemana 10:30 AM Donemana Giants Isle of Man
2:00 PM Donemana Giants v Ardmore Avengers
Bonds Glen 10:30 AM Bonds Glen Bears v Ardmore Avengers
2:00 PM Bonds Glen Bears v Isle of Man
Ground Time Team Team
Bready 10:30 AM Isle of Man v Newbuildings Spirit
2:00 PM Isle of Man v Mason Rockets
Newbuildings 10:30 AM Ardmore Avengers v Mason Rockets
2:00 PM Ardmore Avengers v Newbuildings Spirit
Donemana 10:30 AM Brigade Red Devils v Donemana Giants
2:00 PM Brigade Red Devils v Bonds Glen Bears
Bonds Glen 10:30 AM Eglinton Eagles v Bonds Glen Bears
2:00 PM Eglinton Eagles v Donemana Giants
Ground Time Team Team
Bready 10:30 AM 5 v 8 Semi Final Plate
2:00 PM
Newbuildings 10:30 AM 6 v 7 Semi Final Plate
2:00 PM
Donemana 10:30 AM 1 v 4 Semi Final Hundred
2:00 PM Final Venue 1
Bonds Glen 10:30 AM 2 v 3 Semi Final Hundred
2:00 PM Final Venue 2

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