North West Club Facilities Grant Opens

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The North West Cricket Union, with funding from Cricket Ireland are pleased to be in a position to offer all of our member clubs a chance to access funding toward ground and equipment improvements.

Clubs are asked to submit an application to the Union via email to no later than 31 October 2018, these applications will then be discussed and funding allocated to successful clubs.

This fund has been set up as part of the Cricket Ireland 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, with the National Governing Body aiming to assist clubs to improve grounds, pavilions and equipment. This is year three of the fund.

The amount of each grant will be limited to a minimum of £250 with a maximum of £2000, clubs are required to match the funding they apply and are allocated.


• Grants will be given for between £250 and £2000, the club will be required to match fund the

project, (i.e. A club applying for £2000 will be required to have a project of £4000 minimum

and funds in place to complete)

  • Forms will be forwarded to Union Administrator David Bradley not later than noon 31 October2018, no applications will be considered that are entered after this date
  • Clubs with successful applications shall be notified by the NWCU, and cheques will be issuedto the club in question upon presentation of an invoice and proof of payment for thecompleted project.
  • Funding levels are limited, the NWCU reserves the right to decide on which projects will befunded based on the needs of individual clubs and the benefit which projects will bring to theplaying of cricket in the NWCU region
  • The NWCU reserves the right to accept applications but limit the total funding allocated to apercentage of that applied for (e.g. a club may apply for £2000, but the allocation may belimited to £1500 or any percentage as seen fit by the NWCU)
  • Priority will be given to those applicants who have completed and submitted a current NWCUaffiliation form in full.
  • Priority will be given to those clubs who have completed or can actively show they areworking towards club accreditation/licensing.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email by 30 November 2018
  • Projects must be completed by 30 April 2019, with proof of payment for project forwarded toNWCU. Projects not completed by this date will have funding withdrawn.


  1. Be in good financial standing with the Union and its affiliated groups
  2. Have in place a non-discriminatory constitution. A copy to be forwarded with application
  3. An up to date bank statement to include the 3 most recent months from date of application
  4. If approved for a grant from the Fund, the Club agrees to host at least one CI representative match overeach of the following two seasons (if required), and/or two CI representative team training sessions perseason for the next two seasons (if required) – for which a venue hire fee would apply.
  5. Agree to host NW Junior Representative or NW Cup Final matches if required – a fee as agreed will stillbe payable for such matches Refusal to host such a match if asked may result in the club beingsuspended from future application processes
  6. Ensure funds are directed to a specific project or item of equipment, applications must be accompaniedby two quotations.
  7. For multi-sports clubs they must have a dedicated ‘cricket’ bank account to ensure any funding awardedcan be accessed only by the cricket section
  8. The Matched Funding must be a ‘cash’ contribution, labour or ‘in-kind’ contributions will not be accepted
  9. Clubs must have submitted a complete Affiliation Form in full to the NWCU by 5pm on Friday 12thOctober 2018. Please contact Colin Manson prior to 10th October if in any doubt over this form.
  10. Be a Level 1 NW Accredited club, or be able to prove evidence they are currently working toward beinga Level 1 Accredited club


  • Artificial pitches
  • NEW Ground keeping equipment (i.e. mowers, scarifiers,)
  • Covers
  • Sight Screens
  • Clubhouse/pavilion improvementsEXAMPLES OF WHAT WE WON’T FUND
  • General running costs
  • Loam and associated supplies for the end of season work
  • Repairs/servicing to existing machinery
  • Repairs/maintenance to the club house/pavilion
  • General non-specific drainage workGRANTS WILL BE PAID UPON COMPLETION OF PROJECT, ADVANCE PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.Proof of payment for the project to supplier/contractor will be required

o Invoice from supplier/contractor marked as paid
o Proof of payment via a bank statement showing payment going out of bank

Once proof of payment has been provided a cheque will be forwarded to cover the grant value awarded.

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