New Teaching Hockey and Cricket Course

The North West Cricket Union has launched a new Teacher Training programme: ‘Teaching Cricket and Hockey’.


In partnership with Hockey Ireland and Cricket Ireland, the programme aims to sustainably support both sports at primary and secondary schools by providing training and resources to teachers keen to deliver cricket and hockey at their schools.

Introducing teachers to the fundamentals of each sport, along with planning and delivering school-yard, PE or after school sessions will be supported by game-based resources including activities and small-sided games.

Delivered as a 90-minute interactive webinar followed by a self-led learning module on the Cricket Ireland’s Learning Management System:, Teaching Cricket and Hockey is an accessible and interactive learning opportunity. The engaging webinars will be delivered by experienced cricket and hockey coach and current North West Cricket Union Women and Girls Development Officer, Kathryn Rough.



Stephen Maxwell, Coach Education Manager at Cricket Ireland:

“Cricket Ireland has been collaborating with Hockey Ireland to create and refine this programme since late 2019. A significant amount of work has taken place between the NGB’s to develop and iterate this training initiative with a view to supporting teachers at both primary and secondary levels.

“Cricket Ireland last year partnered with UK based charity, Chance to Shine to develop and deliver free classroom resources for teachers to deliver curriculum-aligned lessons using cricket as a vehicle. We can now offer teachers who have taken an interest in cricket the tools to take cricket out of the classroom and into the school yard – utilising our Learning Management System to support this training gives us an opportunity to grow our reach in the education space and show that we are embracing progress is the digital learning sphere.

“As ‘bat and ball’ sports, cricket and hockey complement each other incredibly well and we view this as a significant opportunity to grow the access to both sports in schools across the island. Arming teachers with the skills and knowledge to deliver both Cricket and Hockey at their schools aims to sustainably increase active participation in both sports by giving more people, more opportunities to be more involved, more often.”

Phil Oakley, Coach Education Manager at Hockey Ireland:

“Hockey Ireland is delighted to partner with Cricket Ireland on this programme. It is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to explore our exciting games and to give their students more opportunities when it comes to participating in sport. It’s important that we continue to broaden the number of quality opportunities that people have to engage in both hockey and cricket and embracing technology and encouraging new entrants to the sports at all levels is a good step for both NGB’s.”

Registration for Teaching Cricket and Hockey is now open and can be accessed here with date and time details below.

• Primary School Teachers: March 24th at 7.00pm
• Secondary School Teachers: March 31st at 7.00pm
Participation in the programme costs just €10.00 per teacher, which is payable on registration and gives users access to the webinar, online learning module and activity resources.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please get in touch with Cricket Ireland Coach Education Manager, Stephen Maxwell on

They said…

Stephen McCartney, Coleraine senior hockey coach and North West Warriors coach, said:

“Teaching hockey and cricket together is ideal due to the transferrable skills with the striking of the ball, as well as positions requiring similar skill set such as hockey goalkeeper and wicket-keeper. Also, the sports make an all year-round combination given hockey is largely an autumn/winter sport, and cricket spring/summer.”

Bready Cricket Club’s Alana Dalzell was asked: What do you love about women’s cricket?

“The women’s game is very respectful and is also very inclusive, so all girls of all abilities can get involved.”

Dual cricket (Fox Lodge) and hockey player Mollie Devine was asked: What’s the best thing about being involved in both cricket and hockey?

“Both sports complement each other really well and have loads of similar aspects involved. I personally feel hockey can have more physical needs and cricket is more of a mental battle! I would recommend both sports to someone who may be involved with one or the other”.

Dual cricket (Coleraine) and hockey player Kia McCartney – What’s the best thing about playing both cricket and hockey?

“From a young age I started with Kwik cricket and I’ve seen so many transferable skills from things like hand-eye coordination. I like how hockey is played in crickets off season and vice versa so we can stay active all year round.”

Irish Under-18s hockey player Kaia Moore was asked: Do you play cricket? Best thing about playing for Ireland?

“I have played cricket in school and would like to join a club. The best thing about playing for Ireland is meeting loads of new people and it is a great experience.”

Irish Under-19s and St Johnston cricketer Scott Macbeth was asked – Where has cricket recently taken you in the world?

“Cricket has taken me to the Caribbean where we played in the Under-19s World Cup for six weeks. I would’ve enjoyed playing both cricket and hockey in school if it was offered.”


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