New 6-week pre-season ‘Warriors Wellness’ Programme

The NWCU have launched a new online pre-season ‘Warriors Wellness’ programme to help our players prepare for the season ahead.


The comprehensive 6-week programme is open to any male or female player in the NWCU, aged between 14-24* this season. It will cover many aspects of player development including:

  • Cricket skills
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Cricket Mobility
  • Wellness and Performance


Kathryn Rough, NWCU Cricket Development Officer, explained the new programme:

“Normally at this time of the year all our squads would be in the middle of a busy pre-season but obviously that isn’t possible at the moment. However we wanted to create something to help our players prepare and have pulled together an excellent 6-week schedule covering all aspects of player development. 

There will be live webinars during the week on cricket skills, mobility for cricketers plus our ‘Wellness & Performance’ webinars. Players will also receive weekly S&C plans. As part of the programme we have some excellent guest speakers on sports psychology, nutrition, mental health and high performing athletes.”    


A summary of the programme is below. There will be an introduction to the programme on Wednesday 20th January at 7pm via Zoom.


Wellness & Performance Series

A 6-week online webinar series designed to help player’s development in key areas such a sports psychology, mental health, nutrition and conditioning. The series will feature a number of guest speakers who have expertise in international high performance sport. Every Thursday, starting 21st Jan. Group 1 (age 14-17) 7pm – 7:45pm. Group 2 (age 18-24), 8pm – 8:45pm.

Cricket Skills

Weekly skills challenges to help players improve key aspects of batting, bowling and fielding.

Strength & Conditioning

A 6-week S&C programme for you to complete in your own time at home. it has been designed specifically for cricket and is bodyweight based.

Cricket Mobility & Pilates

An online weekly class for 30mins to help cricket players with their mobility, range of movement and strengthening key muscle groups. Every Wednesday, 7:00-7:30pm, starting 27th Jan.



The programme is FREE and open to any male or female player, who is between the ages of 14-24 this season* and registered with a NWCU club. Please click on the link below to sign up for any of the programmes:

Register here!

* For players aged 14 or over by 1st September 2021

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