NWCU-2018-Champ-Fixtures-webThe opening exchanges in the battle for promotion has also thrown up some intriguing ties as eight clubs bid for a place in the top flight for 2019.

Ballyspallen had a season to remember last year and the Roe Valley club will be hoping for a repeat performance this time around, however like the rest of the competing sides it will all be about personnel.

Last season’s skipper Lee Ritchie has left Bridge Park to return to Eglinton and while that is a blow, Graham Kennedy’s situation could be the telling piece.

The teenager will be hot property throughout the region, however if he stays put, and the Averill brothers hang on too, Ballyspallen will be a danger to all.

They start their summer away to a St Johnston side who could also be competitive if they can iron out their deep inconsistency.

Killyclooney started 2017 like a scalded cat before things tailed off a touch at the start of the second half of the season.

Darren Moan will look for more of that early-summer form again but they have a very tough opener against Newbuildings to negotiate.

The visitors will be starting life without their talented West Indian Peat Salmon whose recent appearance for Jamaica means he cannot play in the North West under current regulations.

Their season could well hinge on who comes in as a replacement.

Glendermott, with the Cooke brothers set to be in tow start with a home game against a Bonds Glen team that has struggled in the past couple of years.

The Rectory lads really need to be winning games like this if they are to be a force in the promotion race.

Relegated Drummond will be keen to make a mark on the Championship too and again, much will depend on the players available to Chris Moore.

It’s a trip to Burndennett to begin with for them with the Tyrone side one of several who could go close this time.

There are three league games on the bounce for Championship sides before they too break for the start of cup competitions.

You can download a copy of the Championship Fixtures HERE

The NWCU Longs SuperValu Championship Fixtures are:-

21st April

Killyclooney v Newbuildings
Glendermott v Bonds Glen
St Johnston v Ballyspallen
Burndennett v Drummond

28th April

Bonds Glen v Killyclooney
Ballyspallen v Newbuildings
Drummond v Glendermott
Burndennett v St Johnston

5th May

Ballyspallen v Killyclooney
Bonds Glen v Drummond
Newbuildings v Burndennett
Glendermott v St Johnston

19th May

Glendermott v Ballyspallen

9th June

Drummond v Killyclooney
Burndennett v Ballyspallen
St Johnston v Bonds Glen
Glendermott v Newbuildings

16th June

Killyclooney v Burndennett
St Johnston v Drummond
Ballyspallen v Glendermott
Newbuildings v Bonds Glen

23rd June

Killyclooney v Glendermott
St Johnston v Newbuildings
Burndennett v Bonds Glen
Drummond v Ballyspallen

1st July

St Johnston v Killyclooney
Glendermott v Burndennett
Bonds Glen v Ballyspallen
Newbuildings v Drummond

7th July

Newbuildings v Killyclooney
Bonds Glen v Glendermott
Ballyspallen v St Johnston
Drummond v Burndennett

14th July

Killyclooney v Bonds Glen
Newbuildings v Ballyspallen
Glendermott v Drummond
St Johnston v Burndennett

21st July

Killyclooney v Ballyspallen
Drummond v Bonds Glen
Burndennett v Newbuildings
St Johnston v Glendermott

4th August

Bonds Glen v St Johnston
Killyclooney v Drummond
Ballyspallen v Burndennett
Newbuildings v Glendermott

11th August

Drummond v St Johnston
Burndennett v Killyclooney
Bonds Glen v Newbuildings

18th August

Killyclooney v St Johnston
Burndennett v Glendermott
Ballyspallen v Bonds Glen
Drummond v Newbuildings

25th August

Newbuildings v St Johnston
Glendermott v Killyclooney
Bonds Glen v Burndennett
Ballyspallen v Drummond

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