North west womens kit bags

Kit Boost For Womens Cricket in NWCU

New Kit For Womens Clubs

North west womens kit bagsOver the past few weeks, the staff in the North West Cricket Union have been travelling round all of the womens clubs in the North West to deliver new team kit bags.

The funding for these bags has come from a joint project between The Derry Midweek League and the North West Active Clubs officer, to develop women and girls cricket in the North West. The program has been running over the winter months, providing coaching to schools, clubs and the North West women and girls teams. There has also been coach education, mentoring and accreditation of female coaches in the North West.

“It was fantastic to get this grant from Sport Northern Ireland, enabling us to provide more opportunities for women and girls to take part in cricket at all level than there has been before.” Said a Derry Midweek Spokesperson

The grant of over £9000 was applied for through the Derry Midweek League, and administered by North West/Cricket Ireland staff, to develop women and girls cricket across the North West.

“It’s fantastic news and will help us attract new members and hopefully new teams as interest in the sport continues to develop,” said a NW Ladies spokesperson.”

Each kits bag contains bats, pads, gloves, helmets and wicket keeping equipment to enable women and girls teams to take part in cricket without the need to have their own equipment.

“After speaking to the womens clubs at the forums held over the winter, it was raised regularly that very few of the players had their own kits and were therefore borrowing club kits…many of which are old mens kits and not fit for purpose. Being mens kits, most of the kits did not fit properly.

The grant only had enough funding for 6 kits originally, however, through assistance from the North West, we were able to purchase two more to ensure that all the clubs had kit” Said NWCU Active Clubs Coordinator


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