Islanders make a splash at NW World Cup tournament

The rain may have done its best to ruin the 2023 NWCU under-13 World Cup tournament, but it was the determination of players and organisers that won through to make this another year to remember.  

And as the Donemana Aussies, the Eglinton New Zealanders and Brigade’s Americans brought their own colour and style to the event, a travelling Isle of Man party rocked up dressed as themselves.

It was a real hat-tip to the fledgling competition, but as is often the case with these things, it looks likely to be a new relationship that could flourish over the next few years.

Sally Green, who took charge of the visiting side throughout, said that despite the weather, it was an experience their party had enjoyed. She added that the Islanders had received a lovely welcome, and the North West Cricket Union-like the rain- has done everything they could to make the group feel as much at home as possible!

It seems likely that the Isle of Man will also send an under-15 team for this year’s ‘Hundred’ competition at the end of the month; however the overall plan is some reciprocal cricket between the two regions over the next few years.

NWCU General Manager, Peter McCartney, said he was delighted that the Isle of Man had decided to travel over this year and added that discussions will definitely continue in the months ahead.

“It has been a pleasure hosting the players, coaches and parents and we hope that they enjoyed their stay in the North West.

“Our Youth tournaments are continuing to grow and that is testament to the work that continues to go into improving year on year.

“We hope that further plans between our two associations will be announced for 2024 and beyond.


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