Graham McCrea

Graham’s Hilton Series adventure

Graham McCrea

Graham McCrea

The North West Cricket Union had a 13th man on the field throughout their recent Hilton Series in umpire Graham McCrea.

Undertaking a ‘working holiday’, Graham flew over to Newcastle to umpire, experience the Hilton Series and enjoy the hospitality of title sponsors Hilton Newcastle Gateshead.

The Hilton Series brought umpires together from over a 70-mile radius as colleagues for Graham and shows the diversity of ‘local’ umpires who stand in the Hilton Series.  Monday saw Graham working with ‘Geordie’ umpire Harry Richardson, who always has a great sense of fun with the players.  Then onto Brian Morris on day 2, who recently umpired a ECB 2nd X1 county match, and known for his clear decision-making process.  While on the last day, Graham worked with Derek Watchman, the former secretary of the North Yorkshire South Durham Premier league, and an umpiring assessor for the ECB ACO.

David Bradley, the NWCU administrator added “it is to Graham’s great credit he flew over at his own expense to advance his umpiring experiences.  I know he had an enjoyable time, met some unique people, experienced a wide array of cultures that the NUSC is known for, and again like the players has helped the union receive nothing but praise for the quality of our tourist.  Graham’s umpiring was noted by the NUSC as ‘outstanding’, and I would like to congratulate him on that as praise is not cheapened at NUSC”.

Mr. Bradley further noted “it is hoped more union umpires will seek to advance their experience by undertaking exchange opportunities the union is establishing, and if any do wish to participate, then I encourage them to contact me personally for details.

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