‘Get your finger out’ appeal to NW clubs

The NWCU has launched an innovative idea for its clubs this week aimed at formalising a new ‘Affiliate’ panel of umpires to officiate at games not normally covered by registered officials.

Basically, the scheme offers an online training programme for umpires, and along with an accompanying Access NI Certificate, this would allow clubs/schools to create a bank of affiliate officials able to umpire at the likes of Qualifying, Midweek and Youth levels etc.

Home clubs can then liaise with visiting teams in advance of matches and offer the service of at least one umpire, with the possibility of the ‘away’ team doing likewise if they so wished.

Each club would be expected to make an expense payment (to be confirmed) to their own umpire in much the same way as clubs currently contribute to their scorers.

Details of the scheme can be found below with any enquiries directed to NWCU officer, Brian Allen: brian.allen@northwestcricket.com



Affiliate Umpire Scheme

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