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Full Membership FAQs

ICC Full Membership ImageThis set of FAQs is in place as a reference point for some of the more common queries following elevation to Full Membership and granting of Test Status. As transition takes place, this list will evolve and change to reflect the common questions of each stage in the process.

1. What is full membership?

Granting of full membership means continuing the hard work of our modern, efficient, and accountable operation. This is not the end but the beginning of a new era in Irish cricket at all levels of the game.  In April, the ICC published a set of criteria that Cricket Ireland had to comply with, which we have done. As a result Full Membership of the ICC has been granted.

2. What is Test status?

Test status means Ireland’s men’s team will now be able to play Test Cricket (5-day matches) against the other 11 Test teams in the world.  ICC is currently proposing a new structure of a 9-team table and 3-team 2nd tier, who will be able to play against the top 9 as well as regular home and away matches against each other.

3. What does this mean for Cricket Ireland?

There will be a significant period of transition from Associate to Full Member of the ICC. Cricket Ireland have been supported by the ICC Development Programme which is now 20 years old. A period of adjustment will follow as we become Full Members. There will be increased funding for the organisation but we will be required to provide all the playing, structural and development facilities full membership entails.

4. When will the first Test be played?

At this stage, there is nothing fixed. The considerations are between not wanting to wait too long, and wishing to have the appropriate occasion to play it. We appreciate this isn’t easy since one of the philosophies around the reform of the international cricket calendar is ‘less is more’ meaning the existing Test nations are already looking to reduce, rather than increase their schedules. In addition, in an ideal world we would also wish to get some practice in the format before our first game

5. Where will Test Matches be played?

All of the four ODI approved venues in Ireland (Bready, Clontarf, Malahide and Stormont) can host test matches. There are no regulatory differences for grounds between ODI and test matches. Cricket Ireland will be exploring all possible options with regard to hosting Test matches North and South.

6. What does this mean for elite players in Ireland?

With a distinct pathway towards test cricket and the next World Cup laid out before them, elite players will be able to play and develop at home. It also means that academy players know they can play their part at the pinnacle of our game in a relatively short timeframe.

7. Will all players based in England return home to the domestic structure and no longer be linked with counties?

The long history and good relationship between Cricket Ireland and the ECB will continue. However, the ECB are working with us and considering whether any changes to their eligibility will be brought about by our elevation. What this means for individuals on current county contracts and eligibility in future will become clearer in the fullness of time.

You can find out more information about what Full membership is by Clicking here 

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