Creevedonnell Bursary Unveiled

There was some excellent news for North West cricket ahead of this week’s Bank of Ireland senior cup final as the Union unveiled the Creevedonnell Bursary Scheme which is set to take effect from January 2019. Some prudent work by club officials over the last number of years means that the Curryfree Road side was in a reasonably healthy state when they were forced to take their leave of the domestic scene at the end of 2017.

Basically, the new scheme will see a fund set up which will assist up to three players a year to help pay the cost of the underage training programmes. The exact protocol for applying and consideration of bursaries will be confirmed at a later date, however, North West General Manager, Peter McCartney this week welcomed the move.

“On average it costs the Union around £1,000 to fund each player in the North West Warriors underage set-ups-including the likes of kit, coaching, S&C programmes, gym membership and travel/accommodation. The North West currently covers 75% of that cost out of its own pocket- the highest subsidy of any of the Unions- however, there remains the need for a parental contribution.”

“This Bursary will discreetly offer potential support to up to three players each year who might not otherwise have been able to commit to their programme.”

“It is a fantastic way for the name of Creevedonnell CC to remain at the front of the North West’s development plan and longer-term our objective would be a combined NWCU/Derry Midweek League input to ensure that all available grant funding is explored to keep the bursary alive.”

Creevedonnell stalwart Brian Dougherty paid tribute to the club’s own committee structure and said he hoped that the monies available would help create a legacy within the North West.

“The club is proud to announce the Creevedonnell Youth Bursary Scheme which we have developed through discussions with the NWCU. It is hoped that it will go some way to helping ensure that no young talented cricketer in the Union will be prevented from taking up coaching or travelling opportunities with the Warriors under 15 and under 17 teams.”

“We are glad that this will provide at least some form of legacy for the club. It is also a testament to the hard work of our committee over the past number of years, and the prudent financial management of the club that we are in a position to offer these bursaries. In addition, we were also happy to have gifted our equipment to a number of clubs in line with our constitution.”


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