Best Western White Horse T20 Fixtures

The Group stage fixtures for this season’s Best Western White Horse Hotel Cups can be found below; this stage of the competitions being played between 1 June and 6 July. 

As confirmed earlier, the teams finishing first in the respective groups will go into the Faughan Valley Cup semi-finals with the outright competition winners going forward to represent the NWCU in the All-Ireland T20 Cup.

That would obviously mean a chance of repeating Brigade’s feat from 2021/22 where they subsequently qualified to take part in the European Club T10 League in Spain.

Teams finishing second in the  NW Groups will go forward to the Eric Cooke Cup semi-finals with third placed teams going into the Sperrin Springs Cup.

The group fixtures in full are-


Group A

1st June

Ardmore              v             Coleraine

Bready                 v             St Johnston


8th June

Bready                 v            Ardmore

Coleraine             v             St Johnston


15th June

St Johnston         v             Coleraine

Ardmore              v             Bready


22nd June

Coleraine             v             Bready

St Johnston         v             Ardmore


29th June

St Johnston         v             Bready

Coleraine             v            Ardmore


6th July

Ardmore              v             St Johnston

Bready                 v            Coleraine


  Group B

1st June

Eglinton               v           Bonds Glen

Killyclooney         v             Glendermott


8th June

Glendermott       v             Eglinton

Killyclooney         v            Bonds Glen


15th June

Glendermott         v           Bonds Glen

Eglinton                v           Killyclooney


22nd June

Bonds Glen         v             Glendermott

Killyclooney         v            Eglinton


29th June

Eglinton              v           Glendermott

Bonds Glen         v             Killyclooney


6th July

Glendermott       v             Killyclooney

Bonds Glen         v             Eglinton


Group C

1st June

Newbuildings      v             Ballyspallen

Burndennett        v             Strabane


8th June

Strabane              v            Ballyspallen

Burndennett        v             Newbuildings


15th June

Strabane              v             Newbuildings

Burndennett        v              Ballyspallen


22nd June

Ballyspallen         v             Newbuildings

Strabane              v            Burndennett


29th June

Newbuildings      v             Burndennett

Ballyspallen         v             Strabane


6th July

Newbuildings      v             Strabane

Ballyspallen         v             Burndennett


Group D

1st June                               Donemana          v            Brigade


8th June                               Fox Lodge            v           Donemana


15th June                             Donemana        v             Fox Lodge


22nd June                            Brigade                v          Donemana


29th June                             Fox Lodge            v           Brigade


6th July                                Brigade                v          Fox Lodge

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