Key Coach

Key Coach Project 


This program is designed to help create a supportive environment for volunteers, parents and students get actively involved in their clubs, schools and community groups to make the game as accessible and enjoyable as possible.


We hope to activate (through this project) a ‘Key Coach’ capable of supporting their group of volunteers by implementing knowledge & overseeing the coaching process. 

This project will be delivered monthly, online during the ‘off season’ as an effort of front loading information to be reflected on and activated during the season.


Online Workshop Dates, Times and Content

  1. Coaching Learning Environments
  2. Coaching Session Content
  3. Player Support
  4. Practice Types & Coaching Tools
  5. Coach & Session Observation


The attributes of the ‘Key Coach’ are to be Willing, Able and have or will have by next season Access NI/Garda Vetting(Prescribed purpose of coaching) & Safeguarding Training (within 3 years).

At this stage we hope to encourage a number of coaches in each club and allow for the sharing of workload or drop out.


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