Coaching Support Network



The NWCU coaching support network has been developed as a method of assisting the continuous developing of Cricket Coaches based in the North West. It provides coaches with an opportunity to self reflect on their current coaching abilities, whilst highlighting opportunities for development & identifying key workshop areas for workshop content. Taking part in the network is free of charge & it is simply a tool to assist coaches progress to becoming the best they can be in their given coaching environment.


  1. Individual Benchmarking
    • Online self-reflection
    • Assisting in pairing appropriate coaches to optimise shared development
    • Identifying coaching workshop content



2. Session Observation

    • Opportunity to record sessions
    • Objective analysis of sessions (example below)




3. Action Planning

    • Assisting in setting out measurable & attainable coach progression ‘milestones’


4. Workshops

    • Delivery of workshops where content is decided by coach feedback


5. Mentoring

    • Identifying coaches that could assist fellow coach development through mentoring &/or observation.


6. Communication Network

    • Shared ‘forum’ where coaches can share ideas.


Get Involved 

Getting started: Online self-reflection