Affiliated Club Status

Affiliated Club Status 

The North West Cricket Union ensures all its affiliated clubs are a ‘Safe Sports Club’ by ensuring each club satisfies the affiliated club criteria. The criteria combines much of the safeguarding and health and safety aspects of the original Club Mark scheme and on completion a club can have confidence that their facility and members are as safe as possible for their members and visitors.


Health & Safety

Sports clubs should have a commitment to provide appropriate and enjoyable sporting activities in safe environments. To ensure that this is the case, considerations and actions to promote safety in sport must be fundamental to all of the activities undertaken by your club.



It is the duty of every sports club to take steps to ensure that members, volunteers, and visitors can enjoy the sport offered by the Club in a safe environment.  All organisations that work or come into contact with children or vulnerable adults need to have safeguarding policies and procedures in place.  Safeguarding members protects not only participants in club activities but also the club and its members and volunteers.


Code Of Conduct 

It is the responsibility of everybody involved in your club that your teams take part in NWCU competitions in an appropriate manner. Adopting this code of conduct will ensure your club remains a safe place, free from discrimination, fear and where possible, risk. An important component of maintaining a quality club culture is to set standards of acceptable behaviour which must be upheld by all involved and those participating in club run activities and competitions

Code Of Conduct Available here


A North West Affiliated Club is recognised as a safe and quality environment for participants of all ages to enjoy cricket related activities and stay involved throughout their lives.

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