Cricket Club Admin ‘Simplified’


Complete Club Affiliation form & send to




      1. Display child safeguarding statement
      2. Display safeguarding risk assessment
      3. Appoint Club Children’s Officer & Designated Officer (someone that can be approached with any concerns)
      4. Access NI/Garda Vet both positions (free to volunteers)
      5. Appropriately trained (designated officer training)


      1. Implement CI’s safe recruitment policy
      2. Anyone with regular or continuous contact with children must be Access NI Checked
      3. Person to be vetted creates a log in:
      4. Apply for an enhanced check through a registered Body using NW PIN – 379080
      5. Take ID documents (1 x group 1 & 2 x Group 2) and ID Validation form to Club Designated Liaison Person
      6. Designated Liaison Person – emails the scanned ID Validation form & 3 x ID Documents to


Maintaining (ClubMark)

  1. Register on
  2. Upload Club Risk Assessment & Public Liability insurance (Note: all documents must be PDF)
  3. Contact for assistance.


Step 1 2 3 4
Safeguarding Club & Members Set Club Priorities

(Strategy Formulation)

Manage club activities (Implement Strategy) Evaluate & Control
Looks Like -Safe environment for all members, players and volunteers -Aims & Objectives (1yr)

-Audit active volunteers


-Delivering focused activities

-Aimed at target demographic/outcome

-Performance v Projection

-Is the club in a better position

Roles Required -Club Children’s Officer

-Designated Liaison Officer

-Club committee

-Segregated roles/working group(s) with a sole purpose of delivering a specific priority

-Dependant on ‘strategy’

Likely to be 1 or some:

-Coach Co-Ordinator

-Youth Co-Ordinator

-Volunteer Co-Ordinator

-Lead Coach(es)


-Community/School partnerships

-Involved members
Note -ROI Club – 1 x each position

-NI Club – 2 x Officers of either role

-Identify needs & ambitions of the club

-Audit current capacity

-Choose key priorities to deliver

-Identify needed roles to implement strategy

-Maximise benefits to club

-Identify support needed

-Identify what has benefitted the club most

Support -Safeguarding Workshop

-Designated officer course/children’s officer course

-Safeguarding course

-Access NI Assistance

-Club Workshops

-Club accreditation assistance


-Club role/duty assistance

-Coach education support

-Activator recruitment Support

-Activity delivery support

-Partnerships support

-Reflection support